Our sponsors - Thanks to them!

We are happy about people being interested in our projects. Here we display our sponsors with logo, pictures and reviews.

Also we would like to particularly say thanks to the private sponsors, who share our ideas and support our tour with donations.

If you know a company, institution or someone who might be interested in supporting our project, please contact us via info(at)re-cycling-eurasia.com.

Goal Zero

Without any doubt there is no way to get around Goal Zero when it comes to portable electrity for outdoor use. Goal Zero supplies us with three systems with which we can power notebook, e-book, camera and all large devices.

Zweirad Joos

Finding directions on the tour is mainly due to one of the biggest bike shops in the Konstanz region. We got a GPS device and Jackets from Zweirad Joos. Thanks to Christoph. We will see you again at the presentation, after our return.


VSF fahrradmanufaktur

We're already looking forward to cycling with one of the best tourbikes available: the TX-1000. Thanks a lot to VSF for your support!


Wechsel Tents

Our tents will be our homes for 5 months. So we travel with high quality tents of Wechsel Tents from Berlin. Now we are ready for every condition!


Zweirad Nübling

The bicycle shop from Denzlingen donates an entire set of panniers: front, bag, handle bar and first aid kit. We are looking forward to holding the  presentation after returning. Thanks a lot, Andreas!



The german company supports us with sport glasses and helmets, so that we ride safely. Pictures and reviews will come!

Vaude Store - Konstanz

We are very happy that the sustainable products of Vaude are also available in Konstanz now. Thanks to support with multifuel stoves, pots, shoes, and so on...!

Radial - Konstanz

To make sure that our things stay dry and proteced even in the strongest hail, the bicycle store Radial Konstanz, which is specialised in Touring and City bikes, suppots us with a generous discount on all Ortlieb bags.

Thank you!



To treat our buns with care, we are riding with bike shorts of Brügelmann. Thanks also to fahrrad.de for the support!

Busch & Müller

The german company mainly produces light systems for bicycles, but they also have charging systems for hub dynamos. One of our bicycles is equipped with one of these for providing electricity for mobile devices.


Kuhn Elektronik

This company among others works with charging systems for hub dynamos. So GPS devices, cell phones and more are provided with electricity. Thanks for the 2 KECHARGERS!


The bicylce shop from Freiburg gave us outerwear. Thanks a lot to Doris!


Rocco der Fahrradladen

In case we will have a flat tire, we will use spare tires from Rocco. Thanks also for lock and other spare parts!

Kultur Rädle Konstanz

The bike shop from Konstanz, which also rents bicycles supports us with a set of Ortlieb panniers. Quick and uncomplicated. Thank you very much, Ralf Seuffert and Team!


Jester Sports

 Jester Sports from Konstanz supports us with a coupon! In a few days we will show here what we are going to turn it into! Thanks a lot!

Private sponsors

  • Family Ophoven:  100 EUR
  • Anonymous: Bicycle tires (Schwalbe Marathon)

Of cause we are happy about every contribution to our tour, in whatever dimension. If you would like to donate, please send a short mail to info(at)re-cycling-eurasia.com. Then you will get the bank account details. (Unfortunately we cannot display the details here.)

Thank you very much for participating in our tour!