Ukraine, Moldavia and Romania

After 3 days on the ferry we finally have arrived in Ukraine. In Odessa we were hosted by couchsurfers, who also showed us the city.  Odessa is very beautiful! Everywhere is holiday feeling, there are street musicans, eateries and especially nice temperatures! Yes, nice 25°, which we enjoy very much.


As many people asked us about it: You do not feel that there is war in Eastern Ukraine when being in Odessa. In Odessa there are no fightings, there was only one violent incident 3 or 4 months ago.


We enjoyed very much being in Odessa, looking at buildings, going into bars and regenerate a bit.




Because the following days were very exhausting. We agreed on meeting Milan’s friend Niklas in Brasov, Romania and we had to hurry up. So we were cycling the whole day, about 120 km a day. The landscape helped us be being quite flat, especially in Moldavia, in which we entered from Ukraine.


We crossed this small state from east to west in 3 days. In Moldavia people speak a language similiar to Romanian, but Russian is still understood by most oft the people.




From Moldavia we entered Romania, which means that we are back in the EU now!


However the EU welcomed us by being quite slowly and rural. In Eastern Romania many people still live their lifes in a very old-fashioned way.  In some parts we saw more horse carriages than cars. We liked that a lot, whereas we did not like the state oft the streets so much.


But we still made it to Brasov without making Niklas wait for too long. He had arrived half a day before us with his car, bicylce and dog.




In Brasov we split up for a few days. Milan and Niklas were going to spend some time in Brasov and then go by car to Budapest, from where Milan is going to go on the Danube bicycle route to Munich.




Anja and me went climbing in the Carpathian Mountains. It was very nice! Now we are riding through Transylvania in direction of Budapest. From there we will also follow the Danube.




On the 19th of September we are meeting up in Munich and from there ride home together.


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