After following the Debed river for some last kilometers and passing some romantic looking industrial sites, most of them established in the former soviet union, we past the border to Georgia and headed straight to Tiflis.



There we stayed at ¨The Travel House¨, an apartment rented out for July and August where travelers from around the world can stay for free. The Travel House is a project organized by the Serbian travel forum and mainly financed by crowdfunding and donations. This years one was the third after Istanbul and Granada and hopefully many more will follow. We shared stories, played music, cooked and went out together. Philip and Anja stayed there only for a night and went up to Kazbegi then and I stayed there some longer to try to organize a boat journey to Boston by cargo ship.



Tiflis was a very fascinating city. Vivid but relaxed, a nice mixture of modern and nicely restored buildings as well as small old city houses and packed with bars, clubs, cinemas and theaters.


Besides that there was a camp-site, a little semiliar to the Gezi-Park one in Istanbul just a little smaller, which occupied an area where a huge hotel site should be constructed. People there were very friendly and welcoming and short visit turned into a long, very lovely evening.


Another highlight in Tiflis is said to be a visit of one of the many sulfur baths. The get an authentic experience I decided to go to the public Orbeliani Bath, where men and woman have different entries and go inside naked. You could find a lot of showers, a sauna and the sulfur bath itself. As it turned out the public bath was a meeting point for local gay people who tended to flirt as decent as Armenians tend to offer Vodka and so my visit ended a little earlier than expected and I fled. At least that way the experience was not as ordinary as it would a been in a normal sulfur bath and I was happy for the people there to have a place like that in a society that didn't seem to gay-friendly to me.



After a couple of days in Tiflis I met Anja and Philip up in Kazbegi and we walked up to the glacier beneath the kazbeg mountain, a wonderful walk which can be definitely recommended.


On our journey through Georgia towards Poti we passed many quite villages with lovely decorated houses and enjoyed a lot the quite days after some nice days of citylife. In Poti we where all looking forward to get on the ferry to Odessa and enjoyed to last days camping on the beach. The boat took us with a quite contant speed of 19Km/h in about 55 hours to Odessa and the only piece of land we could see through the journey was the krim and sevastopol before arriving in Ukraine.


Milan - Black Sea, somewhere near Sevastopol - 19.08.2014, 10.30 p.m.