Diyarbakir to Dogabeyazit

After Milan and Anja had been sick in Diyarbakir, we went back fighting the heat. Following the Tigris (this river is known from the bible) we had 42° C in the shade.


After riding for one day it was me to get sick. The night before we had been invited by a very nice and hospital family, but we only could go for one hour. We looked out for the next place with shade and had ¨lunch break¨ from 8 pm to 5 am. As I felt like vomating all the time and it did not cool down much at night, we had to struggle arriving at the next city, Batman.

In this city there we found accomodation, so that i could ge healthy and afterwards we escaped the ¨valley of hell¨ into the mountains. We climbed up a small gorge and it cooled down every meter of altitude. After riding 2 days we arrived at the Van Lake,  where we had nice 28° C.

A funny thing at the moment is organizing food. As there is ramazan at the moment, all religios muslems do not eat and drink during daytime. And in the villages and most of the cities, this is almost everyone. In order to find food, we depend on the help of locals, becourse restaurants are all closed. So have to make friends to secretely ask for food. If we are lucky, our new friend blinks one eye and leads us through small streets, passing through the backdoor of a small internet cafe into a backroom, were we found a big pot of food. There people secretely serve food. This happened in Bitlis. (One remark: Eating during ramazan is not forbidden from the government and people do not complain when they see foreigners eat. But still it feels a little bit like drug dealing.)


At the moment we are in Dogabeyazit, directly next to the famous Mount Ararat (our next friend from the bible), after riding through the mountaineous border region between Turkey and Iran for one day. In the evening at 2600 m altitude, even here it gets chilly and we sort of enjoyed to freeze a bit.


Tonight we are going to watch the world cup finale and tomorrow we will go into Iran! We are very curious!


It will probably take a while untill the next blog entry, but as an excuse we finished our second video. You can watch it under Videos. Enjoy!



Philip - Dogabeyazit, 13.07.2014


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    Vanessa Bustos (Sonntag, 13 Juli 2014 23:04)

    Hi guys! I'm Happy to read that Anja it's ok now. I'm so proud Of you, you are getting your goals :) I hope you'll get better Philip. Miss you Anja!

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    Sherlyn Crandall (Montag, 06 Februar 2017 17:21)

    Amazing! Its genuinely amazing post, I have got much clear idea concerning from this piece of writing.