Göreme to Mount Nemrut

And out we headed. Out of Göreme and the caves around it and up towards Mount Nemrut.



But not that fast. After about 500m we went back into caves, this time with sleeping bag and matrazes. As a nice suprise we ran into a byzantine cave-church from 1100 a.c., with a kitchen, dining room and some other rooms on top. After dinner and a little cave-rave (dancing), we  had a wonderful sleep under the cross of some peoples lord which was suddenly ended by the noise of a high pressure washer and voices coming closer. It didn't take long to under what it was: Suddenly about 30m away apeared a group of tourist in the basket of a hot-air balloon. Probably they were as suprised about us inhabitants of that cave-church as we were about them appering. Euphoric and excited we took a look at the sky and were amazed, that typical postcards from capadoica are in fact not just an outcome of photoshop but real. The sky was covered in hot-air balloons we head an amazing sourrounding for having breakfest.


When we finally got out of Göreme and Capadocia we headed through amazing mountains to Malatya to stay with a great host there. From Malatya Philip and me went by bus to Trabzon where we could finally get our visa for Iran! Back in Malatya we stayed with another really nice and helpfull host, got printed out our Re-Cycling-Eurasia Business-Cards, baught a computer keyboard then times the sizes of my phone to write blog posts like this one easily one it and got quite some other things done.


From Malatya the jurney went on up even more spectacular mountains to finally reach 2150m high Mount Nemrut. The top hosts statues of deities and Antiochros I. Theos, who had built the place as a grave and a religious place for a new religion, some mixture of persian and greek mythology. For us it was an amazing spot for our breaktfest with awesome views and the start of 1500m of elavation going down and into a pretty crazy heat, where we are still now heading to Van-Lake and a cooler climate again.


Additional to the post about the journey we want to write a few lines about our goals of sustainable travelling. Now as some time has past we've become pretty confident that we'll be able to stick to our goals during all our tour, as we also did so far.


Concerning plastic bags it is more of a fight than we thought but with textile bags and open eyes we're managing to fight them pretty well. Two little stories illustrating that fight a little, that would be far easier back home. First one is: When we baught the four textile bags offered at migros for sustanable shopping along with six chocolate bars, where did the guy put the chocolate bar? Into a textile bag? Not at all. He just took out another platic bag and wanted to put it inside. The other example:When we were buying stuff in a little shop in a village with our textile bags, the boy working in the shop got really upset because we didn't accept his platic bags.


Concerning electricity we put ourselfes the goal to not use any electricity from the grid for our own equipment. And so far we managed pretty well to do so and we're confident that we will manage through out the hole journey like that. Only for video editing we sometimes don't have enough power left.


As Turkey could be also called the country of fountains, we didn't face any problems getting clean fresh water so far. In the beginning we still filtered water, but even that isn't necessary anymore.

Now we're all looking forward to get to Iran. Hear a new language, see new number-plates, taste new food and meet, as many travellers said, meet some of the most hospitable people in the world. And obiously handle ramazan.

Milan - Diyarbakir, 06.07.2014, 18.40 Uhr


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