Olympos to Cappadocia

After 12 days of rest in Olympos we were on the road again. This time heading to Cappadocia in the highlands of central Anatolia.


But first some more words to Olympos, because we really spent a wonderful time there. Olympos is not only know for it’s ruins, the eternal flames of Mount Olympos and it’s nice beaches but also as a rock climbing destination.

That’s what we came for and we were not disappointed. Apart from really nice rock the view was amazing, too. And further we could try on some deep-water soloing and do some cliff jumps.

But it was not only about rock climbing. We met so many nice people there, that made us having a really good time. We hope to see all of you again somewhere!

We could have stayed much more time in Olympos, but still we were very happy when our bicycle parts arrived. It was quite s struggle to get them, but in the end all went well.


So with new energy and lower gears, which were more suitbale for our heavyly packed bikes, we took oft he 7th of June. A little bit later then originally planned but I guess that’s what always happens.

The follwing days it was only going up. Population got less and less but nature got more and more beautiful. This also meant that water and food supply was getting worse but we could still manage quite well.

Close tot he top at 1825m we were surprised by some thunderstorm including hail. There was no place to hide but luckily it wasn’t going for to long.

After passing that mountains we would cross an endless plain, following the former silkroad, before arriving in Capadocia the 15th of June.


In Göreme, in Capadocia, we spent our time doing sightseeing and video editing. Göreme is a really unique place, where houses are carved into the soft rocks, which were formed by a volcano many years ago.

It has a very long tradition to carve the stone and you can still visit a Christian city oft he 11th/12th century, where they even built their churches in the rocks.

Another intersting spot was the underground city at Kaymakli, some kilometers away. People could hide there from enemies and several thouthands of people would fit in it without needing any supplies form outside. They digged a fountain 120m deep for fresh water access and they had an aeration system that would even make the smoke from fires disappear.


Now we are crossing Eastern Anatolia, to reach the Iranian border. We will pass by the Nemrut mountain close to Malatya and the Van lake. Probably we will also need to take a bus to Trabzon (at the Black Sea coast) and back because Philip and Milan still haven’t got their visas for Iran and we were told that it is possible to get it there.


Anja - In the mountains bewteen Darende and Malatya, 22.06.2014

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