Manisa to Olympos

And the journey went on . In the next days we climbed many mountains, of many different types, but more on that later. In this post we want to talk a little about all the encounters and experiences we have had and made, write down our naturally certifiable impressions and in the next post write about our goals and see if they will remain goals.


Treated like little kings, after two nights, we left Manisa in bright sunshine and went on towards Izmir, visiting our next host we found through . Izmir is very modern and vivid. There were many young people, a great bar scene, a green promenade and, lo and behold, bike stations that were even used! We couldn’t get enough from staying at a place that felt so much like home, so it was after two nights that we got going again towards paradise. First a former paradise for Greeks and Romans, Ephesus, then a paradise for us, the Bafa Lake .
After the tents were put up with spectacular views over the Bafa Lake and our new garden-mate chief-donkey had found everything to be all right, we knew very quickly: we have come to stay. At least for a very long moment . The days at Bafa Lake did us very well. Besides bouldering, making music, and reading, we could talk to family and friends, we put up our hammocks for the first time and settled into our journey. In addition, we built up an intimate friendship with our garden-mates. The rooster and the donkey (we didn’t manage to put them onto each other, like in the German fairy tale). Unfortunately, our beloved friend the rooster seemed to have lost his vision. At four o’clock in the morning, while the sun had probably just touched the horizon in Pakistan, he thought it definitely made sense to crow right next to our ears. Every two minutes, for hours. As I didn’t want to give up my fight to sleep against the rooster, stones were thrown. Ok, pebbles and only against the cage but it made him shut up. On the first day he stopped for two hours, the next day only for one, and the rest is a story of failure, so I accepted defeat and contented sleep without fighting.
Following the departure from Bafa Lake were some days of biking and, finally, the sea (see: Hands Up), where we began erase our previously built bike-short tan lines with new swimsuit ones.
We usually camped in the wild, with only one exception. As the sun had almost set one evening, we decided to put up our tents in an precisely planted forest. In it’s center we found a spacious area with a fence around it, where we could ask a guard for permission to camp. To our surprise there were virtually no animals, a fly, perhaps three mosquitos, and a grasshopper were all that we could find. Even our small loyal companions, ants, were absent. With the dawn then came the enlightenment: garbage trucks. We camped on huge mountains of garbage, covered with a layer of accurately planted trees and little grass. Amused, we left the garbage mounds and, passing greenhouse cities, to the beaches of Antalya . With turquoise water, great climbing spots, caves, and cliffs, it was a wonderful place to stay.
Frustrated by excelent physics-related job perspectives and good payment, we were even able to find work as German guest-workers. Perhaps as the first german guest-workers on a small beach near Kaş, we could earn our supper with an additional 1 Euro payment per hour for carrying about 50 canvas chairs up to the street.
In Olympos we are currently staying in the really relaxed Kadir's Treehouse Hostel, and we go rock climbing and swimming, we visit ruins and natural mountain fires, and we are organising quite a lot of things. The 6th of June we will (luckily) get some spare parts brought from Germany and then cycle on with less luggage. We will go up, passing Antalya and then going to Cappadocia.



Milan – Olympos, 29.05.2014, 18.10 Uhr


Edited by Emma and Erin, great thanks to you both!