Istanbul to Manisa


We expected that we wouldn't find bicycle lanes in Turkey as you can find them in Germany. So we were surprised that there is one about 50km long at the seaside of the anatolian side of Istanbul. But waht we didn't expect at all was to find out that the road that was marked in our GPS devica as bıcycle lane was more likely a mountainbike trail. And we were frustrated when we found out after 2/3 of the way that it had a dead end and the only way out was to climb really bad and steep roads for about 300m of altitude. The first part was fun though and the bicycles prooved they were made out of steel.

Since that experience we stick more to the big roads. They are usually not as nice but you can cycle quite fast.



We have been warned several times because of street dogs. But usually we didn't have much problems. Only around Bursa we encountered a lot of unchained guard dogs, that were quite aggressive. In one case this led to a small accident where Milan tried to follow that dog with his eyes and thereby drove of the street and fell. His knee is still hurting but the wounds are fine know. Hopefully this will be it!



Everywhere we stop we find ourselves surrounded by people asking questions, offering help or cay or just taking photos. But Turkish hospitality is more than that. We were quite surprised when a car stopped on the road in order to invite us to their home. Staying with the 3 cycling experts Soner, Inci and their son Tibet was wonderful. Thank you for that!

You should check out theır website and learn that even long bicycle tours are also perfect if you have small children:

Also right know we enjoy the hospitality of the parents of our friend Efe. Thank you Osman and Sibel! After 2 days of continous rain we are extremly glad that we can wash and dry our things and ourthelves in this cosy place.


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