Belgrade - Plovdiv

Back on the street! For hitchhiking we split up into teams oft two, so that we can fit better into cars and trucks. So we got out of Belgrade separately, but found each other united in the middle of the highway:


Anja and me got a hike from a turkish trucker, who even allowed us to sleep in his bed and prepared lunch for us. We were on the way for 2 hours, when we suddenly saw Janek and Milan walking by the road. They just got out of an empty tour bus, whose driver and friends (2 of them were called Milan) had invited them for rakija.


Our trucker was driving together with a colleague, who he had told about us. So the colleague has space in his truck and directly took Milan and Janek, when he heard that these are our friends.


That’s why we travelled more or less together to Plovdiv, where we arrived in the middle of the night. We had not expected to arrive that early, because it was quite a distance.  But our drivers just removed the speed limit and the time recording machine by removing some screws…




Plovdiv is great and allover the city there are antique roman ruins. And there are climbing rocks in the middle of the city! Unfortunately it is raining again, but we have a roof, because we are staying with a friend.


  Philip - Plovdiv, 26.04.2014


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