Going to Istanbul: Day 7

Next stop after Ljubljana, was Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Although it is not far (143 km) it took us a whole day to get there. In part, because it was difficult to get a ride on easter-sunday and in part, because we stopped due to circumstances in Novo Mesto. It is a really small Slowenian town close to the Croatian border, but we had a really nice time there with cake and a really intersting and typical wine, Cvicek, of that region.

We arrived late in Zagreb and left early the next morning so unfortunately we couldn't see much of this city. Our goal was to reach Sarajevo, which was comparably quite a long distance. But hitch-hiking in Bosnia is very difficult and roads connecting Sarajevo to the rest of the world are rather bad. So we changed our planes and chose to go to Belgrad by bus. But before that we spent a really nice evening in a small house in the middle of Bosnia's forest to where we were invited. It was located close to the city Doboj where Philip arrived the next morning.

So now are enjoying Belgrad, which is a fascinating city with a fascinating history.


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