Going to Istanbul - Day 2

After a very nice breakfast with Milan's sister yesterday we went on the road again. This time it was really cold and rainy and we had a hard time to get to the Austrain border. But there we were lucky and we found a ride directly to Ljubljana. Thanks to all for you help!

The slowenian capital already conquered our hearts so we will stay until tomorrow. The relativly small city center reminds me a little bit of Konstanz. The old houses that lay besides a small river are in very good shape and everything is clean and neat. The small streets are full with bars and restaurants and you can hear street music i many places.

A former barracks is now the place to be for young people at night. You can find many bars, clubs, graffiti and art pieces there. We enjoyed some slowenian beers and live-rock music there. And we are happy to find different variations of vegetarian kebap everywhere.

Anja - Ljubljana, 19.04.2014, 16.00

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